ESL and Archie Comics – June, 2006


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ESL and Archie – June 3, 2006

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What does Archie say is a pest?


Language Lesson – Vocabulary

Pest = Someone or something that annoys or bothers; a nuisance

Sample sentences:

Mr. Lodge thinks that Archie is a pest.

I think that mosquitos are pests!

What is YOUR idea of a pest?


ESL and Archie – June 2, 2006

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Betty said that Jughead was serious about spending the whole day relaxing. What did Jughead do that made Betty think that?


Language Lesson: Contractions – We’re = We are

When Archie says, “We’re here!” he is using a contraction. A contraction is made when two words are added together.

we + are = we’re

Listen and repeat:

We are learning
We’re learning.

We are going to Pop’s Shop.
We’re going to Pop’s Shop.

Miss Grundy, we are done with our homework.
Miss Grundy, we’re done with our homework.


ESL and Archie June 1, 2006

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Archie says something about Jughead! What does he say?

Pointing hand LISTEN


Language Lesson: Vocabulary – Lazy

The word lazy means not willing to work. When Archie said that Jughead is "as lazy as they come" he meant that Jughead was REALLY lazy!!

Sample sentences:

The lazy girl did not want to help her parents clean their house.

Professor Flutesnoot doesn't want his students to be lazy.


ESL and Archie May 31, 2006

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Archie said he did something too much. What did he do too much? (Answer at the bottom of this post.)


Archie Comic Strip

Language lesson: TWO and TOO

** two is used when we're talking about numbers such as two dogs.

(I have two dogs.)

** too is used when you mean too much of something or too many.

(I am not hungry for lunch because I ate too much food for breakfast.)

Answer: Archie said he watched too much TV.


ESL and Archie May 30, 2006

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May 30, 2006

Welcome to ESL and Archie – a FUN place to practice reading and speaking English!

In today’s show, something (or someone) catches Dilton’s eye!! Could it be a girl ?


Archie Comics comicstrip


Hello from ESL and Archie!

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